Energy from wave motion (OWC)

GIAR technology can be applied to OWC plants both inshore (breakwaters in harbors: for connection to power grid) and offshore (platforms: for connection to power grid or self-consumption). It is aimed at institutional subjects, electricity companies and private investors.

The GIAR Turbine demonstrates greater Efficiency than competing turbines with any wave height, placing itself as the best solution for use in the oscillating chambers of the OWC systems of the EcoPorts.

Being able to operate at a wave height of 20 cm – when competing turbines struggle even to activate – the GIAR Turbine has what it takes to represent the best clean source to produce energy to be used for generating Hydrogen in port’s cold ironing.

Application of the GIAR Turbine for the production of energy
from wave motion

Application of the GIAR Turbine for the production of energy
from wave motion

Compared to already existing OWC technologies, GIAR technology brings important technical advantages by presenting the following features.

  1. It is composed of a single turbine body that can be divided by means of bulkheads and dividing plates, which create compartments increasing in percentage respect to the entire turbine body, in order to always guarantee the maximum Efficiency.
  2. It is capable of developing high torques available to the axis of the turbine even with low rpm.
  3. It is capable of delivering a high specific power.
  4. It has low noise and low vibrations.
  5. It ensures easy access to the maintenance of electrical components and it has low risks of corrosion, due to the fact that the alternator is located outside the duct.
  6. It is provided with the Variable Displacement feature, which allows the oscillating chambers (EcoPorts OWC) to get into resonance with the frequency of wave motion, as it is necessary in OWC plants, in order to increase the overall Efficiency and to always obtain very high energy yields.
  7. Again thanks to the Variable Displacement feature, it is active with both low and high waves, thus solving both the problem of turbine activation with low pressures and the problem of turbine stall (power loss) with high pressures, which commonly occurs in OWC plants.
  8. Being a Reaction Turbine, it determines that the inlet speed and the outlet speed of the fluid – air – are very low, hence very low noise levels.
  9. It is compact in size and overall dimensions (reduced diameter translates into lower peripheric speeds).
  10. Being symmetrical, it is able to guarantee the same very high energy yields also when the fluid flow is reversed.
  11. Perfectly suitable for being employed in OWC systems, it represents the best alternative to the problematic and less performing Wells Turbine with horizontal axis.

Application of the GIAR Turbine for the production of energy from wave motion

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