Energy from river, sea and tidal currents

The electrical energy obtained from the exploitation of kinetic energy from river, sea and tidal currents has an extraordinary potential in the future scenario of electricity generation from renewable sources. Moreover – since river, sea and tidal currents are more predictable than wind and solar energy – they are certainly suitable for the use of devices for the production of energy.

River currents were the first renewable energy source to be used, since the times of the Greeks and Romans, who used the energy from the moving water to run the mills for grinding grain, up to modern hydroelectric technologies. However, much can still be done to increase energy yields.

All scientists agree that the sea will become the largest source of renewable energy in the world, not only thanks to the exploitation of its waves but also thanks to the exploitation of its currents.
Sea and tidal currents have immense potential for electricity generation: a 2006 report from United States Department of the Interior estimates that capturing just 0,1% of the available energy from the Gulf Stream would supply Florida with 35,0% of its electrical needs.

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