Energy from wave motion (OWC)

The sea constitutes an inexhaustible and largely unused reserve of renewable energy, with a potential electricity production estimated up to 90.000 TWh/y.
From now on up to 2030, it is expected that wave energy production will have a growth greater than all other renewable sources, with a potential market estimated in the order of 100 billion dollars.

Technologies aimed at the exploitation of wave motion have always been the subject of serious interest in the renewable sources scenario.
However – although the energy from wave motion is the one studied for the longest time and therefore the one that has seen the largest number of experiments, solutions and plant prototypes – it is not yet very widespread due to the specific complexities it presents.

Among the main technologies aimed at producing energy from wave motion, the one exploiting the principle of the Oscillating Water Column (OWC) is the subject of research and growing consideration both in Italy and in other countries.



Schematizzazione funzionamento tecnologie OWC

OWC plants can be:

  • Offshore (marine) → having the advantage of operating at high levels of wave height and, therefore, of being able to produce large amounts of energy;
  • Onshore (terrestrial) → having the advantage of entailing low construction and power grid connection costs.

The Mediterranean Sea presents peculiar conditions, hence the need for further research and experimentation aiming to extract energy even from low waves.

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