Efficient. Evolved. Sustainable.

GIAR is the Universal Turbine that exploits the properties of fluids to extract energy from renewable sources: it converts the energy of Wave motion, River currents, Sea and tidal currents and Wind into electrical energy that can be used for the widest applications.

GIAR technology is a Patent for Industrial Innovation valid in 23 European countries, provided with University Certification of average mechanical Efficiency (94%).
GIAR technology has wide range of usage and no size limits: from offshore platforms or port breakwaters to wind and fluvial applications (even with minimal height differences).

By allowing the efficient exploitation of multiple renewable energy sources, GIAR technology contributes concretely to the Ecological Transition from fossil fuels to Green Energy.

GIAR Energy is technological progress aimed at Sustainable Development.

The ever-increasing demand for energy availability by the industry requires the production of more and more energy, with serious consequences for the Environment since it is mainly produced with fuels that consume atmospheric oxygen and release a large amount of carbon dioxide and pollutant dusts.
Although some still strive to deny climate change…it is very clear that the Environment is presenting us the bill: we are all called to a radical change in our behaviours and, above all, in our way of thinking.

On July 14th 2021 the European Commission adopted a new block of legislative proposals defining how it intends to achieve climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050, including the intermediate goal of net reduction of at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

National and international efforts towards the ecological transition and the assignements provided for the modernization of infrastructures – IF associated with the use of new and more performing technologies – will represent an extraordinary development opportunity from both economic and environmental perspectives.

In the current context, after the conflicting international geopolitical situation has led to the sharp rise and instability of the wholesale energy markets, Energy Independence and Ecological Transition are concepts that are increasingly connected and converging.


GIAR Turbine – Reaction Turbine

The Universal Turbine

GIAR technology allows the efficient exploitation of multiple renewable energy sources by means of multiple applications: Wave motion; Sea and tidal currents; Fluvial currents; Wind.

GIAR technology stands out for:

  • Minimum visual and acoustic impacts;
  • Optimized levels of Energy Efficiencies thanks to the Variable Displacement feature;
  • Ease of maintenance due to the external positioning of the electrical parts;
  • No stalling at low rotation speeds;
  • No sizing limitations.

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